Our Facility

We are beyond thrilled to be the first elective ultrasound facility in Mobile, Alabama. At Sneak-A-Peek, we are dedicated to providing expecting mothers, families, and friends an ultrasound experience unlike any other facility or medical office in the area. We strive to be the leading facility everyone comes to for their 2D, 3D/4D, and HD Live ultrasounds on the Greater Gulf Coast. All of our ultrasound sessions take place in a comfortable and relaxing suite equipped with multiple viewing screens and spacious seating to accommodate up to twenty guest. Experience the miracle of life through the eyes of our State of the Art, GE Voluson E8 Expert ultrasound machine. With HD Live capabilities and stunning visual clarity, we hope to take your imaging experience above and beyond your expectations. Let us change the way you see ultrasounds forever! Book your appointment today for an imaging experience you’ll never forget.
Laina McDonald, Owner

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